Pam Anderson

Bubba Fest! 2019 Celebrity Guest

Pamela Anderson

Guest Info:

Name: Pam Anderson

Appearing: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Known For: Baywatch, Home Improvement, Playboy Model, V.I.P., Stripperella, Barb Wire, Stacked

Panel Time: TBA

Photo Op Cost: $75

Autographs: $75

Pamela will be signing autographs throughout the weekend.

Guest Bio:

Pamela Denise Anderson was born on July 1, 1967 in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada. Pamela was first “discovered” at a British Columbia Lions football game, when her image was shown on the stadium screen. She signed a commercial contract with Labatt’s beer to be the Blue Zone girl. More advertising assignments followed, and soon Playboy approached her. In October 1989, Pamela was on the cover of Playboy magazine.

With success from Playboy, Pamela Anderson moved to Los Angeles, California in 1990. In 1991, she made her television debut on Home Improvement (1991), where she starred as Lisa, the Tool Time Girl. Soon, she got attention from viewers nationwide, which got her the role of C.J. Parker on Baywatch (1989), one of the most viewed television series worldwide. Soon thereafter, she made her big screen debut in the film Raw Justice (1994).

In the spring of 1996, Pamela starred as the title role of Barb Wire (1996). In late 1998, she starred on a television series called V.I.P. (1998).  In the fall of 2003, Pam starred in a animated series by Stan Lee called Stripperella (2003).  In 2005, she starred on a FOX comedy series called Stacked (2005).

Pam founded the Pamela Anderson Foundation, is an activist for Animal and Human Rights, NDVH and Environmental Issues, and is on the board of the Sea Shepherd. Pamela loves architecture and is designing Eco-friendly prefab small dwellings. She has a collection of linens, and shares time between the beaches of California and Vancouver Island equally. She is a 2013 New York City Marathon runner.