Léa Vendetta - BUBBA FEST! 2018

Bubba Fest! 2019 Celebrity Guest

Léa Vendetta

Guest Info:

Name: Léa Vendetta

Appearing: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Known For: Tattoo Artist, Model, Inkmaster

Panel Time: TBA

Photo Op Cost: TBA

Autographs: Léa will be signing autographs throughout the event.

Guest Bio:

Lea was born in Paris, France. That was where she attended art school and then went on to become an accomplished painter and visual artist. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Paris, NYC, Miami, and Palm Beach. It was in 1996 that Lea decided to make the move to Miami, FL. to pursue the art of tattooing. With 20 years of tattooing now under her belt, she has gained a fanbase worldwide and a list of celebrity clientele.

She has graced the cover and/or features of over 25 national and international magazines including Maxim, Inked, Tattoo Life, Rebel Ink and Inkslingers, just to name a few.

It was in 2012 that Lea was featured as an original cast member of season 1 of the “Ink Master” television series on Spike TV. In 2016 she starred in the spinoff “Sirens Of Ink” and was the subject of the Emmy Award Winning Documentary, “Lea Vendetta”.

– Biography by Tattoo Life