Bubba Fest! 2019 Celebrity Guest

Chuck Norris

Guest Info:

Name: Chuck Norris

Appearing: Saturday

Known For: Walker Texas Ranger, Missing in Action, Delta Force

Panel Time: TBA

Photo Op Cost: TBA

Autographs: Chuck will be signing autographs on Saturday

Guest Bio:

Film and Television Star

While he had made one brief film appearance previously, Norris made more of an impact on movie-goers in 1972’s Way of the Dragon (also known as Return of the Dragon in the United States). One of the highlights of the film was a fight scene between Norris and martial arts action star Bruce Lee, staged in the famed Roman Colosseum. In 1977, Norris had his first starring role in the action film Breaker! Breaker!.

Movie audiences loved to watch him mete out swift justice to bad guys in such films as Good Guys Wear Black and Forced Vengeance. In Missing in Action (1984), Norris played a former prisoner of war who returns to Vietnam to free other soldiers still being held. He did this film and its sequels as a tribute to his younger brother, Wieland, who died in combat in Vietnam.

Norris received warmer reviews for his cop movie, Code of Silence (1985), and teamed up with the legendary tough guy Lee Marvin for the military action film The Delta Force (1986). Norris’ box-office appeal, however, was beginning to fade by the early 1990s. No longer making hit movies, he made the switch to the small screen with Walker, Texas Ranger. Norris played Cordell Walker, an honorable crime fighter, for eight years.

Philanthropist and Activist

Norris has been a longtime supporter of numerous charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the United Way. In 1992, Norris started his own charitable organization called Kickstart with help from President George Bush. Kickstart provides martial arts training to middle-school students to learn respect and discipline and to improve their self-esteem.