Brandon Savage

Bubba Fest! 2019 Celebrity Guest

Brandon Savage

Guest Info:

Name: Brandon Savage

Appearing: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Known For: “Macho Man” Randy Savage Tribute Artist, Viceland’s Dark Side of the Ring

Guest Bio:

“Macho Man” Randy Savage made his mark on the wrestling world with his charismatic personality and flamboyant delivery.

To commemorate this legend, a local Cleveland man called Brandon Savage has donned the sunglasses, hat and costume to bring life to the famous wrestler as a tribute artist. His impersonation was so good, in fact, that he was cast to play Savage in re-enactments for Viceland’s wrestling series called “Dark Side of the Ring.”

Originally from Cleveland, Brandon’s impersonation of the late Savage came about by accident. It all started on Halloween 2015, when Brandon and his wife Kelly’s 10-year-old daughter wanted the whole family to dress up for Halloween.

Brandon — a Whirlpool employee — chose a Randy Savage costume by chance.

“It wasn’t until we got the wig and everything on him that we realized how much Brandon actually looked like ‘Macho Man,’” Kelly said. “So we went to the Block Party and people were screaming and chasing him down for pictures. We’d never anticipated that.”

Biography from Cleveland Banner